---From our Family Pastor

The adolescent years are probably the most difficult years of ones life. These are the years where teens are trying to find their identity. They search for meaning in people, places, and things. Often times, they end up finding their identity in the wrong places or people. Our desire is to come alongside of your family and your teens and help them to find their identity and purpose in the Person of Jesus. We spend a great deal of time trying to develop meaningful relationships with teens. The goal of this is to leave looking more like Jesus than we did when we arrived. We want teens to see that God has a plan for their lives and He desires to be in relationship with them . 
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Small Groups – 8:45 AM

In our Sunday Small Groups we utilize a curriculum called Explore the Bible. This curriculum goes through books of the Bible and helps us to better understand the context and culture of the book. It also helps us to see how, even though culture has changed, the Bible is still applicable to our lives so many years after it was originally written. 



The Refuge – 6:15 PM

We meet on Wednesday Nights to dive into God’s Word together. Our Family Pastor spends the first half of the night teaching from God’s Word. After that, we break up into Small Groups that are age and gender based. We then talk about how we can apply what we have been taught to our lives. We also have time at the beginning and the end of the night to build relationships as we hangout in the Student Room.