Human Trafficking


Human trafficking. The very phrase seems incomprehensible, and yet the sale of souls in our world today is a reality that is as widespread as it is horrifying. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery – for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, or organ trafficking.

It is an evil that profits billions of dollars and enslaves millions of people. And it is happening everywhere – all around the world and within our own communities.

Human trafficking affects every demographic – women, men, children, youth, those foreign to our nation and our own citizens. And while there is no one face of a human trafficking victim, certain populations are more vulnerable, including runaway and homeless youth, children and youth in foster care, individuals fleeing violence or natural disasters, and those who have suffered other types of abuse or exploitation in their lifetimes.

Human trafficking is often a result of compounding vulnerabilities, and it is often hidden from plain sight. (The unfortunate truth is that if you think it is not an issue in your community, that is likely because you do not know how to see it yet.)

Human trafficking did not appear overnight. It is a result of leaving many things undone and many issues unresolved for the vulnerable in our world and in our own communities.

But be encouraged.
This evil can be stopped. Though it will require a host of organizations, professionals, and volunteers committed to engaging together around comprehensive strategies to eradicate what should not exist in our world today.
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