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Obstacles to the Christian Mind

Obstacles to the Christian Mind

Faith and reason are complementary not contradictory. Like a team, when they work together they increase their power. When one stumbles the other can provide the needed stability, but when they work against one another, there can be serious trouble.  In our fallen world many sources charge Christianity with the thought crime of irrationality. These charges are weak attempts to…

Why we read

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    December 2, 2019
  • Obstacles to the Christian Mind
    December 3, 2019
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    January 3, 2020

In 1925 an American media circus descended on the small town of Dayton, Tn. when the town attempted to prosecute a schoolteacher for the use of Charles Darwin’s Origen of Species, that functioned as an important catalyst for the theory of evolution. Newspapers presented the spectacle as reason v. religion. Since that time many Christians have hunkered down in an…